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Customer Success: Memories to Last a Lifetime

December 04, 2018
Bucket list items are a big deal. Crossing them off with dear friends is even bigger. Donna and her husband Richard are no strangers to this idea. Together, they’ve had all sorts of adventures while traveling with their close friends Beth and Robert. In August 2018, it was...

Why Book with a Travel Agent

November 15, 2018

Booking with a travel agent is a unique experience that allows you to personalize your dream vacation. Gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of seemingly identical travel offers because an agent will do that for you. Here at Crystal Travel & Tours our employees have...

Dingle Peninsula Overview

November 01, 2018


5 Best Cities to Visit in England

September 14, 2018

England may be great for a relaxing countryside visit, but if you’re looking for something more upbeat, exploring and learning about what England’s cities have to offer is an adventure.  England has many major cities with history, nightlife, football and more to delve into...

6 Reasons To Visit Iceland

September 13, 2018

All year round, Iceland is full of excitement and activities everyone can enjoy. From grassy fields and hot springs to volcanoes and glaciers, there are endless gems to discover. Iceland is a one stop shop for adventure and relaxation all in one. These are our six favorite...

8 Reasons to Love England's Great West Way

August 07, 2018

For many, the quest for the real England is also a quest for their real selves. It’s a search to break away from the overpopulated and the manufactured. It’s a chance to come face to face with the undiluted and the organic. They hope to catch a glimpse of something that,...

11 Hidden Gems of the Great Western Way

August 06, 2018

If you want a vacation full of the dull and expected, the Great Western Way isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re a curious to find the true essence of a place with adventure and intrigue at every corner, this route is certainly up your alley.

Group Travel

July 03, 2018

Some Current Groups:

Medjugorje Pilgrimages

Internet While You Travel

July 03, 2018


Discover the freedom of traveling abroad with internet access, just like at home.

Introducing Teppy, a handheld device which provides you with wireless internet access wherever you go.

It works just like any other WiFi hotspot - but it's...

A Photographer's Trip to Ireland

June 20, 2018

Rolling green hills. Jagged cliffs with a mind of their own. Ancient ruins awaiting to share their stories.

This is Ireland. And images of her scenery continue to win over the hearts of people all around the world. Maybe it’s the unparalleled shade of emerald found...