How To Travel Through The Faroe Islands

    Posted by Alison Nikula on Feb 21, 2020 11:45:35 AM

    When looking at the 18 different islands that make up the Faroe Islands, one might see the layout and wonder how it’s possible to see and do everything when there are so many different islands. We’re here to tell you it’s much easier than you think. Driving from island to island is very possible and flying is an even more popular mode of transportation.


    Tunnels & Bridges


    There are two sub-sea tunnels in the Faroe Islands. One connects Vagar to Streymoy and the other connects Borðoy to Eysturoy. There is a small fee for taking these tunnels. There are bridges all over the islands so cars can get around but one of the most important is the Streymin Bridge. It connects the two biggest and most popular islands Streymoy and Eysturoy. The bridge is also known as “The Bridge over the Atlantic” since it’s the only inter-island bridge and one of the few bridges that are over the Atlantic Ocean. 




    There is one airport in the Faroe Islands, Vagar Airport. Built during the second World war by the British, it now caters to a few different airlines coming from many different countries around the world. There are flights every day from Keflavik in Iceland, there will soon be a direct flight from JFK in New york starting spring 2020, but you can also fly from Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Paris, Barcelona and Billund in Denmark. 



    There is a network of ferries around the Faroe Islands connecting some of the larger main islands. Ferries are one of the most popular ways locals get around. There is also a long distance ferry that connects the islands to Iceland and Denmark. DSC06104



    The most exciting option is taking a helicopter to your next island of choice. This is a normal mode of transportation for some of the locals so the helicopter rides are subsidized by the government making the price of these trips much more affordable. You can not take a round trip so you will require a ferry or bus ride to your next destination.


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