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Reason 12: Music


Continuing our theme of culture, we suggest that Irish music is a good enough reason to visit the island. It’s a pretty difficult one to disagree with.

Caitlin egg conch

  • IrishAn bhfuil Béarla agat?
  • Phoenetic On will bare-la oguth?
  • Translation Do you speak English?

Potts & Plans
10 Day Music Tour of Ireland

  • Ireland plays host to many different genres of music. Between the jigs and the reels to the rock and roll of days gone by, or if country, jazz, or classical suede’s your soul then we have got it all. As you tour around Ireland you will be serenaded by many different melodies, some even combining all types of genre which contributes to a more contemporary variation.
  • 9 night self-drive (or chauffeur drive) tour that can be fully customized.
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