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Reason 15: Irish Sports


We round off our Culture theme with Irish sports this week. Caitlin asks “What is sports?”, Joe recalls his days playing Gaelic football and together we bring you the best of Irish athletics.

Caitlin egg conch

  • Irish – An raibh tú ag imirt peil Ghaelach ar scoil?
  • Phonetic – On row thu egg imurch pell gaylock sa squell?
  • Translation – Did you play Gaelic football at school?

Potts & Plans

Ireland for First Timers Tour

  • This tour provides you with opportunities to sit down in a stadium with a pint in hand and watch the Irish at their competitive best. You’ll come away with a greater understanding of Irish sports and a passion for this crucial aspect of the country’s culture.
  • Two options of 6 nights are available. We discuss option A, but you can still get your game on with option B or combine the two quite easily.
  • Mention the podcast for a little surprise on your vacation.
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