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Reason 21: New Movies


Get your popcorn and Sno-Caps ready as we wrap up Filming Locations with New Movies this week. Beware of spoilers, heartfelt tangents and poor acting attempts from your favorite Ireland podcast co-hosts.

Also, we realize we’re kind of the worst for not mentioning Star Wars. This may change in the future and we’ll leave it at that for now…

  • Take this quiz to learn which animals you’re best suited to turn into if you were in The Lobster. Note: Caitlin’s 3 results were a Peacock, a Water Bear or a Rabbit. She chose Peacock.
  • Joe and Caitlin were actually both right about the name Murron.
  • Irish people react to Hollywood’s poor Irish accent attempts


Caitlin Egg Conch

  • Phrase: Tabhair aire
  • Phonetic: Thorarrah
  • Translation: Take care


Potts & Plans

Cinematic Ireland

  • What was once on a screen comes to life with this tour featuring many of Ireland’s most beautiful locations and the chance to celebrate some of your favorite movies.
  • 8 night self-drive tour with freedom to incorporate any other destinations you wish
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