Reason 24: Causeway Coast

    Posted by Joe Donnellan on Apr 4, 2018 10:35:59 AM


    The Causeway Coastal’s route is 120 miles spanning from Belfast to Londonderry. It is said to be the most beautiful drive in Ireland filled with folklore, legend and history.

    Caitlin enjoying her time at Giant’s Causeway


    Caitlin Egg Conch

    Phrase: Go mall

    Phonetic: Guh mahl

    Translation: Go slow


    Potts &Plans

    Causeway Coast (self-drive)

    • Experience the Causeway Coastal route by taking in a rich tapestry of rolling hills, crumbling castles and epic coastal stretches.
    • 7 night self-drive tour with freedom to incorporate any other destinations you wish.
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