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Reason 26: Farm to Fork


The Farm to Fork (or table) movement in Ireland is one that is all about enjoying good food but also about trusting it and being excited about its journey. Today we discuss.

  • The Ireland’s Ancient East Fabulous Food video Joe mentioned.
  • Below is a couple of dishes that still make Caitlin happy just to look at.




















Caitlin Egg Conch

Phrase: Ba mhaith liom an anraith glasraí, le do thoil.

Phonetic: Baw woh lum on on-reh glossree, le dho hell.

Translation: I would like the vegetable soup, please.


Potts & Plans

East Coast Excursion

  • Experience some truly amazing food as you journey through Ireland’s Ancient East.
  • 8 night self-drive tour with freedom to incorporate any other destinations you wish.
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