Reason 27: Traditional Irish Recipes

    Posted by Joe Donnellan on Apr 4, 2018 10:45:13 AM

    Ep 27

    The Traditional Irish Recipes episode takes a closer look at some celebrity Irish chefs, cooking experiences you can have in Ireland (like the one above) and some of the amazing traditional Irish food.


    Caitlin Egg Conch

    Phrase: Ar mhaith leat Bricfeasta Gaelach?

    Phonetic: Err woh lat on brick-fosta gaylock?

    Translation: Would you like a Full Irish Breakfast?


    Potts &Plans

    Irish Foray

    • Experience and cook some amazing traditional Irish food as you journey through Ireland.
    • 8 night self-drive tour with freedom to incorporate any other destinations you wish.
    • Mention the podcast for a little surprise on your vacation.
    • Find more Tours for the Reasons at

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