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Reason 16: Castle Hotels

February 19, 2019

Today, we kick off a new theme on Castles and we take a look at the first of three different types of castle – Castle Hotels.

Reason 14: The Language

February 05, 2019
Communication is key – especially in Ireland’s culture. We delve into the Irish language this week and take a look at “Old Ireland” where it’s still heard today.
  • The clever Carlsberg-not-Heineken commercial we discussed
  • Students rocking out from Coláiste Lurgan – an...

Reason 12: Music

February 01, 2019

Continuing our theme of culture, we suggest that Irish music is a good enough reason to visit the island. It’s a pretty difficult one to disagree with.

Episode 50: For the Craic

April 04, 2018

Episode 50 is here! This is the last podcast in the 50 Reasons to Visit Ireland series. This week Caitlin and Joe discuss Irish Craic. Craic is defined as “a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland”. Listen to...

Episode 49: For the Family

April 04, 2018

During episode 48 Caitlin and Joe sit down with special guest, Ava, to talk to her about Ireland. She tells us her favorite places she has visited in Ireland. Caitlin and Joe also cover great family activities in Ireland.

  • Check out this video of Bunratty Castle & Folk Park....

Episode 48: For the Adventure

April 04, 2018

During episode 48, Caitlin and Joe discuss the wide variety of adventure in Ireland. Among these adventures are coasteering, bog snorkeling, recreational tree climbing, hill walking and surfing. Check out this podcast for the best places to go on these awesome adventures.

  • ...

Episode 47: Because You Got Married

April 04, 2018

During episode 47 Caitlin and Joe talk about the best couple destinations in Ireland. Learn all about Joe’s Ireland wedding, classic wedding traditions and castles that are perfect for Irish weddings.

  • Click here to see the honeymoon testers’ visit to the Emerald Isle. They...

Episode 46: Because it’s Christmas

April 04, 2018

In episode 46 learn all about the Christmas traditions of Ireland. Caitlin and Joe talk about the best Christmas Markets, the classic polar plunges and New Year’s festivals. Also listen as Joe discusses the differences in holiday traditions between Ireland and United States.

Episode 45: For the Hidden Gems

April 04, 2018

We welcome Caitlin’s dear friend Josh to the podcast this week. He sits down with us as we discuss the hidden gems of Ireland. We will reveal the beautiful, scenic places that are less well know such as Downpatrick Head, Slieve League Cliffs, Mussenden Temple and many more!

Episode 44: Because You Like to Run

April 04, 2018

Ireland is a very popular place for runners and people who enjoy the outdoors. This week we sit down with our co-worker Ann who loves to run in Ireland. Learn all about the Dingle Half & Full Marathon, the Connemarathon, the Clare Burren Marathon and much more!

  • Check out...

Episode 43: For The Photos

April 04, 2018

This week Joe sits down with photographer Manuel Palacios who recently traveled to Ireland to take some incredible pictures. Listen to find out what he has to say about capturing amazing photos in Ireland.

  • Click here to visit Manuel’s website to see some amazing photos.
  • Here

Episode 42: Mythology & Folklore

April 04, 2018

Irish mythology and folklore is unlike any other form. The mythology features gods that are surrounded in mystery. Learn about leprechauns, fairies, heroes and much more!

  • Check out this video explaining why Irish mythology isn’t more popular.
  • Click here to watch a video...

Episode 41: Sligo

April 04, 2018

Sligo is along the northwest coast of Ireland. The name ‘Sligo’ translates to ‘Shelly River’ which is due to a large amount of shellfish in the surrounding waters. The town is full of rich history to discover.

  • Watch the Galway song Joe mentioned here.
  • Check out this video...

Episode 40: Westport

April 04, 2018

Westport is located in Country Mayo along Ireland’s west coast. It is a popular tourist attraction with rich ancient past, unique architecture and friendly locals.

  • Watch the 2012 Westport Food Festival promo here.
  • See why Westport is the best place to live in Ireland.
  • Listen

Episode 39: Killarney

April 04, 2018

This week is all about Ireland’s Adventure Capital. The area has beautiful landscapes to explore like the Killarney National Park and it is big for marathons. Killarney is also a very popular area along the Ring of Kerry.

  • Check out this video with an aerial view of...

Episode 38: The Irish Pub

April 04, 2018

Pull up a chair, order a pint and raise a glass with us to the most iconic pubs in the world.

  • In case you haven’t heard us talk about The Burren yet…
  • More on the tale behind The King’s Head.
  • We don’t know what’s going on here, but we like it.

Episode 37: Dublin

April 04, 2018

This week we discuss the largest city in Ireland: Dublin. The Emerald Isle’s capital is located at the mouth of the River Liffey. The city was originally founded as a Viking settlement.

  • This video gives you a view of all the beauty that Dublin has to offer.
  • Check out this...

Reason 36: Cork

April 04, 2018

This week we discuss the Rebel City of Cork. The city is situated along River Lee which divides to break the city into two islands. We discuss Cork and Dublin’s rivalry and talk about must-see places to visit.

Reason 35: Belfast

April 04, 2018

There’s no place like Belfast – at least, Caitlin thinks so. We discuss all the must-see spots found in Northern Ireland’s capital and relive some memories from her semester abroad.

  • Here’s a look behind-the-scenes at Rihanna in Belfast for her We Found Love video.
  • Take a...

Reason 34: Kilkenny

April 04, 2018

We take a 50 Reasons stroll down the Marble City’s Medieval Mile and break down some of its most historical, cultural destinations.

  • Follow along with us on your own Medieval Mile Map.
  • Here’s a clip depicting more of Kilkenny Castle’s history.
  • Kilkenny is home to the world’s...

Reason 33: Derry~Londonderry

April 04, 2018

Reason 32: Galway

April 04, 2018
  • Catch a live stream of Galway via the Claddagh Webcam.
  • Discover more of the musical, vibrant West End here.
  • Listen to Joe’s favorite band Bell X1 sing one of their singles, ‘The Upswing‘.

Reason 31: Irish Tea & Coffee

April 04, 2018

It’s Barry’s Vs. Lyons in the ultimate 50 Reasons taste test and we tell the story of how the infamous Irish coffee came to be.

  • Caitlin might not have read Joe’s blog post, but you can here.
  • One of those classic Barry’s commercials
  • Let Irish actress Saoirse Ronan teach...

Reason 30: Irish Whiskey

April 04, 2018

We celebrate the “water of life” and the very best Irish whiskey. Bottoms up!

Reason 29: Irish Beer

April 04, 2018

We raise a glass to Ireland (and Irish pubs in Boston) as we sample Irish beer and explore its rich flavor in Reason 29.

Reason 28: Irish Stout

April 04, 2018

Episode 28 explores the most popular Irish Stouts including Murphy’s, Beamish and of course, Guinness. Caitlin and Joe dive into the history of each classic Irish drink and give tips on the best ways to experience them!

  • After Joe complains about the small and crowded...

Reason 19.5: Game of Thrones

April 04, 2018

This bonus episode talks all things Game of Thrones. Special guest, Katie recently traveled to Iceland and tells us all about the breathtaking filming locations. She was blown away by the tour. Even if you are not a Game of Thrones fan, the amazing sights and nature make...

Reason 27: Traditional Irish Recipes

April 04, 2018

The Traditional Irish Recipes episode takes a closer look at some celebrity Irish chefs, cooking experiences you can have in Ireland (like the one above) and some of the amazing traditional Irish food.

Reason 26: Farm to Fork

April 04, 2018

The Farm to Fork (or table) movement in Ireland is one that is all about enjoying good food but also about trusting it and being excited about its journey. Today we discuss.

  • The Ireland’s Ancient East Fabulous Food video Joe mentioned.
  • Below is a couple of dishes that still...

Reason 25: Ireland’s Ancient East

April 04, 2018

Ireland’s Ancient East consists of 17 counties that cover 5,000 years of Ireland’s history. The three main regions are the Historical Heartlands, the Celtic Coast and the Land of 5,000 Dawns.

  • Map of Ireland’s Ancient East.
  • The photographs Frank Corry took of Glendalough...

Reason 24: Causeway Coast

April 04, 2018

The Causeway Coastal’s route is 120 miles spanning from Belfast to Londonderry. It is said to be the most beautiful drive in Ireland filled with folklore, legend and history.

Caitlin enjoying her...

Reason 23: Wild Atlantic Way

April 04, 2018

The Wild Atlantic Way stretching from Malin Head to Kinsale Harbor is the longest coastal route in the world. It spans over 8 counties, 5 Providences and has over 1,000 attractions.

Reason 22: Islands

April 04, 2018

Scattered throughout the coastline of the island of Ireland are hundreds of smaller islands. In many ways, these undeniably beautiful spots are Ireland at its most traditional.

Reason 21: New Movies

April 04, 2018

Get your popcorn and Sno-Caps ready as we wrap up Filming Locations with New Movies this week. Beware of spoilers, heartfelt tangents and poor acting attempts from your favorite Ireland podcast co-hosts.

Also, we realize we’re kind of the worst for not mentioning Star Wars....

Reason 20: Old Timey Movies

April 04, 2018

Joe was Far and Away in Ireland this week while Caitlin was in Boston, but that didn’t stop us from talking about Old Timey movies filmed on the Emerald Isle.

Reason 19: Game of Thrones

April 04, 2018

For many people all over the world, Ireland is a destination first seen on the silver or small screen. As part of our Filming Locations theme, we enter the world of Westeros where the Emerald Isle is a character in its own right. With many scenes filmed in Titanic Studios as...

Reason 18: Castles to Visit

April 04, 2018

We wrap up our Castles discussion this week with the very best ones to tour in Ireland. We cover kissing stones, making wishes, hunting ghosts, feasting at medieval banquets and so much more.

  • The tale of St. Patrick, the Devil & the Rock of Cashel Joe was butchering.
  • What’s...

Reason 17: Castles (to rent)

April 04, 2018

We continue our Castles theme today by taking a look at ones that you can rent out for special occasions.

Reason 15: Irish Sports

April 03, 2018

We round off our Culture theme with Irish sports this week. Caitlin asks “What is sports?”, Joe recalls his days playing Gaelic football and together we bring you the best of Irish athletics.

Reason 5.5: Donegal Update

April 03, 2018

Because our own trips to Ireland are reasons in themselves, we bring you our first bonus episode. Joe recounts one of the most picturesque plane landings in the world, top notch scenery and much more from his return to Donegal for the first time in years.

  • Here’s a brief look...

Episode 13: Dancing

April 03, 2018

Where would Irish culture be without the art of dance? The home to Michael Flatley’s inspiration, those big curly wigs and feet that won’t quit is a place you’ve just got to see for yourself.

  • Riverdance, Eurovision in Dublin 1994 – the performance that took the world by storm

Reason 11: Writers & Poets

April 03, 2018

Starting our deep dive into Irish Culture, we take a look at some of the writers and poets that shaped the Irish literary revival and continued the tradition of Ireland being the land of Saints and Scholars.

Reason 10: Ancestry

April 03, 2018

Rounding out our theme on Ireland’s History of Emigration, we take a look at the subject of ancestry. What does it mean to have Irish roots, and how can you find out more about yours? We talk to our colleague Katie who tells us her story.

Reason 9: St. Patrick’s Day

April 03, 2018

With just a few days until the entire world pretends to be Irish, we take a look at the man behind Ireland’s national holiday, debunk some of the most popular myths, take a look at his legacy, and see how the day itself is celebrated in Ireland and around the world.

  • A website...

Reason 8: Titanic

April 03, 2018

 We went with a slightly lighter tone to last week and talked about the most famous shipwreck in recent history.

Reason 7: The Great Famine

April 03, 2018

Today we started our first reason in our new theme – Ireland’s History of Emigration. The Famine was a seminal event in Irish history and, while you wouldn’t expect to visit Ireland specifically for this one event, there is such a legacy left behind that makes it worth it.

Reason 6: Wicklow Mountains

April 03, 2018

Our final reason in our Scenery theme. Next week, we start into a four-part theme based around Ireland’s History of Emigration.

  • Here’s the movie I was talking about, based loosely on the life of Martin Cahill: Ordinary Decent Criminal. The last time I watched it was...

Reason 5: Hills of Donegal

April 03, 2018

We’ve moved into the top corner of the West of Ireland today.

  • Bonus song from Christy Moore about the Famine called The City of...

Reason 4: Ring of Kerry

April 03, 2018
  •  Urban Dictionary backs up Caitlin’s hypothesis that some people use MacGillycuddy (or another version of it) as a filler word. The number 4 definition is NSFW, however!
  • While Charlie Chapin was famous for his silent movies, one of his most famous pieces is a speaking role.
  • ...

Reason 3: Dingle Peninsula

April 03, 2018

In this episode, we talk about “the most beautiful place on Earth”, try to teach Caitlin some more Irish, and introduce a new segment. Some notes below:

  • Joe’s fun fact may not be a fact (hear disclaimer in Episode 1) as we have been unable to get a source to prove it.
  • In case...

Reason 2: The Burren

April 03, 2018


Our second reason to visit Ireland is The Burren in County Clare.

Reason 1: Connemara

April 03, 2018
Today was our very first real show so we were a mixture of nervous and excited to talk about Connemara. As promised, you will find a few things below that are mentioned in the show:

Reason 0: Introduction

April 03, 2018


Welcome! Pull up a chair. Do you take milk in your tea? Of course you do.

This is the grand unveiling of our “50 Reasons to Visit Ireland” Podcast and we are really excited about it. Please take a listen to our introduction (above) to find out what it is all about and like us...