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Best Places to Propose in Ireland & the UK

January 31, 2019

You’re ready to take that next step. It’s the most important question you’ll ever ask. Why not set the scene in one of the world’s most beautiful places?

 It’s no secret that Ireland and the United Kingdom are full of stunning scenery and breathtaking views. For a fairytale...

Harry Potter Filming Locations

May 29, 2018

Enormous billows of smoke float upward to join the clouds. You gaze skyward and take in the elegant glass windows that compose the ceiling. All around there are people shuffling from one place to the next. The conductor bellows the last call for your train so you hop on and...

11 Reasons to Visit Scotland in the Off Season

April 04, 2018

People often balk at the idea of traveling in the off-season. Some simply can't get the time off work but for those who can, traveling in the period between October and February can be even more rewarding than traveling in high-season - especially when it comes to countries...

7 Reasons Why People Should Take a Group Tour

April 04, 2018

People often wonder what the best type of vacation is for them. Here we make the case for traveling with a group. Groups can consist of 10 people that you do know or 100 that you don't - or vice versa or both. There can be a special reason for traveling such as a family...

Why Visit Scotland

April 04, 2018

Scotland may be tucked behind Ireland and England, but there are plenty of reasons to make it a priority on your trip to the United Kingdom.

Scotland Christmas and New Year's Traditions

January 16, 2018

Have you ever wondered how the holiday season is celebrated in other countries? This week, the (Christmassy) spotlight is on Scotland and its traditions at this time of year. Scotland is not only a great place to visit during a Spring or Summer vacation, but also during the...

Scotland Know Before You Go

January 15, 2018

Scotland has much to offer travelers of all kinds. Conveniently located above England, Scotland can be the perfect spot to start a trip in the United Kingdom. Whether it is a golfing trip where the sport was born or a tour in the beautiful highlands, Scotland has something...

Scotland Spotlight: For Auld Lang Syne

January 11, 2018

You’ve heard it a hundred times. You’ve felt that instant sense of nostalgia from its words. You’ve sang it at midnight at the start of a new year. But where did the Auld Lang Syne come from? What does it mean? And why has this Scottish tradition become such a household...

Your Destination Wedding Guide

January 11, 2018

Congratulations on your engagement! Thinking about a destination wedding? Planning your big day can be overwhelming - no matter where it's located. Wouldn't you like to avoid all the stress and fuss? This is, after all, a time worth celebrating! Below, we've got some tips on...

Travel Agents Love Destination Weddings

January 11, 2018

Destination weddings have become increasingly more popular and appealing; however, finding the perfect place for your wedding