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Sharon Q. | Long Beach, MS | September, 2018

Hello Ann, 

Quigley Dunrobin CastleWe are ready to move to Scotland! We had the time of our lives. Drove the whole 500 mile tour, and on the left side of the road. Every person we met was very friendly and pleasant, and the weather was perfect!

Everything, and I do mean everything, you set up for us, was outstanding.
The train, the car, pick ups and drop offs at the airport, the B & B’s, the Jury Hotel, your maps, everything was spot on.
(The only hitch was at Pennyland B & B. We arrived around 2:30, and their check-in time was 4:00 rather than 3:00. But it wasn’t a problem, we went and had lunch.)

Working with you was a delight, and we will be calling you again when we are ready to take another trip.
Kindness Regards,
Sharon Quigley

Quigley                    Quigley Owl                    Quigley John O'Groats

Sharon Q. (September 2018)