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Why Visit Scotland

Scotland may be tucked behind Ireland and England, but there are plenty of reasons to make it a priority on your trip to the United Kingdom.

  1. Coast and Islands

    Scotland is deceptively big – its 6,200 mile coastline is far longer than both Ireland and England and even Spain and Italy. Perhaps it’s the numerous islands and winding shores that boost that number but the bottom line remains that sea-lovers will be at home in Scotland.

    Speaking of Islands, Scotland has over 790 of them. They are divided into four main groups: Orkney, Shetland, Inner Hebrides, and Outer Hebrides. Travel to the islands is easy. Some islands like the Isle of Skye 

    The enormous coastline coupled with the numerous “lochs” throughout Scotland mean that you are never too far from a beach.

  2. The Castles

    Scotland, like Ireland and England, is home to an array of breathtaking castles. The castles vary in condition from dilapidated relics to polished museums and even hotels. The majestic Eilean Donan Castle – accessible only by bridge – underwent a 20 year renovation before being opened to the public and is now one of the most popular destinations on the Isle of Skye.

    Glamis Castle, Edinburgh Castle, and Culzean Castle are truly impressive castles with diverse histories. Edinburgh Castle, for example, is a typical Scottish Castle; it was designed to be an intimidating military fortress and anybody can see that it succeeds!

  3. Nightlife

    Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen – these are Scotland’s biggest cities, and they sport a bustling nightlife with plenty to offer.

    Glasgow is the largest of three and has a range of pubs, clubs, and restaurants to keep the late night fun going. The selection varies from the burger-and-beer BrewDog Glasgow to the trendy Gin71 gin bar.

    Edinburgh is known best for its Edinburgh Pub Crawl and the Edinburgh Festivals which occur throughout the summer. In August, Edinburgh is the center of non-stop festivities for kids and adults alike with free entertainment filling the streets throughout the day and night.

    Aberdeen is a decorated city which leads Scotland as a business and economic hub. Add to the fact that it is also a university city with a thriving music and art scene, and you have an energetic with plenty to offer.

  4. Food and Whisky

    Scottish food: what is it exactly? In short: meat, fish, and potatoes! Scotland’s enormous coastline means a fantastic selection of fresh seafood practically anywhere you go, and its reputation for quality beef and lamb is well tested. Traditional Scottish cuisine includes black pudding and haggis, which are mixtures of minced meat and vegetables like onions. Lorne sausages and stovies are other traditional staples of the Scottish diet.

    Scotland is recognized worldwide for its whisky. Visit one of the many distilleries around the country for a tour and inside look at the careful methods.

  5. Adventure and Scenery

Scotland’s rugged but beautiful landscape lends itself perfectly to all sorts of adventures. Go kayaking, hiking, sailing, or mountain biking to connect with nature. A simple Google search for Scotland scenery will make you eager to start exploring as much as you can. There family adventure options for everyone in Scotland with including zip lining and island exploring.